Glassing the Deck

Glassing the deck will proceed almost exactly as the hull with a few exceptions.

Not all builders will remove the hull first so protect it from drips if it is still on the forms.  If you followed the directions for stripping the deck you will have taped off the hull sheer strip AND attached plastic sheeting draping down the outside of the hull.  You do not need to worry about drips on the inside, the glass will carry the dripping epoxy to the outside of the boat.

If you did not mask the hull and it is still attached to the forms you MUST do your best to mask off the hull or you will end up glueing it to the deck with epoxy dripping from the deck during glassing.


If you have a cockpit recess, leave the inside cedar strips rough and untrimmed until you have a glass coating to help maintain some integrity to the recess.

Do not cut hatches prior to glassing.  Hatches must be added after both the inside and outside of the deck is glassed and given at least several days to cure.  The glass will constrict during curing and curl up your hatches so they do not fit properly if you attempt to glass separately.

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